April 08, 2021

Zimbabwe: Woman Allegedly Strangles Step-Son

A 24-year-old woman in Harare, Zimbabwe stands accused of murdering her step-son.

According to reports, the woman – identified as Alice Chikomo, the wife of Tornwell Dube – was arrested last Saturday, 3 April, after she allegedly strangled her five-year-old step-son to death the day before at their house in Radcliff.

Chikomo then locked the boy’s eight-year-old sister in one of the bedrooms and attempted to set it alight by placing a blanket atop of a stove.

Fortunately, a power cut occurred after Chikomo left the house, putting a halt to her alleged plans for the girl. She fled to the city after making a false report to the police, in which she claimed that her step-son was missing.

Dube was away in Chakari when the incident occurred.

Appearing in Kwekwe Magistrate’s Court shortly after her arrest, Chikomo was charged with murder, the reported motive being that “she would inherit the house belonging to [her step-son’s] father since he was the only son.”

She will remain in custody until 17 April, after which a trial or a sentencing hearing will likely take place.