May 10, 2021

UEFA Plans to Move Champions League Final to Wembley

UEFA and the UK government are reportedly discussing prospects of changing the venue for the Champions League finals to from Istanbul, Turkey to Wembley, England, due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

English Premier League top flights Chelsea and Manchester City are set to lock horns in a final battle for the 2020‑21 Champions League silverware on the 29 May.

However, England has placed Turkey on their COVID-19 “red” list, which means that players and supporters returning from Istanbul will be forced to quarantine at a government-approved hotel for 10 days.

The 10-day quarantine period will affect players participating in the Euro 2020 tournament, which kicks off on Friday, 11 June.

UEFA is now considering a change of venue, and is now negotiating with the UK government on issues such as the number of fans allowed at Wembley stadium.

Istanbul’s Ataturk Stadium has a capacity for around 25 000 fans during COVID, while Wembley is only allowed to have 21 000 supporters – UEFA are hoping to increase to at least 22,500.

The final venue decision will be announced on Tuesday, 11 May.

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